Maca Powder ~ The Sexual Superfood

My friend and I recently exchanged sips of our jars of blended goodness after a yoga sesh. We then got on the topic of maca, what it is, the benefits, etc. It taste soooo good in smoothies, but curiously, neither of us knew much about it besides that I blend it in my smoothies sometimes. So here is some info about maca powder, tasty superfood that blends well…

The Magical Sex & Strength Drug


Maca has been used in the Peruvian Andes as food and medicine since the 15th century. It’s known as Peruvian Ginseng and is sacred to the Incas and grown high in the mountains of  Peru. It is said, that Inca warriors would eat maca before battle to help increase strength and stamina. Quite the SUPERFOOD!

Maca is a popular root that is used in smoothies, blended, taken in liquid form, or taken in pill form. There are four types of Maca based on the root color- yellow, black, red. The shades vary from off white to yellow to pinkish to dark purple to black.  It’s a member of the mustard family, looks similar to radishes.


– Energizing, increases strength and stamina. Known to help the immune system and reduce stress

– High in protein

– It’s a root that helps heal alignments in the body more so than add nutritional support

– Root contains many vitamins and minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin c, vitamin b, and more than 18 amino acids

– Maca is full of fiber. In fact, it has four times the fiber of a potato

– Maca helps stimulate the body to produce hormones and regulate. Thus maca helps the endocrine system and libido- the main reason men and women have begun to take it daily.

-Be careful it can help increase fertility in women and sexual stamina. Men experience increase sperm count and testosterone levels. Sex drug? Maybe. It can actually help erectile dysfunction, and for women, help with PMS symptoms and menopause.

– Studies have proven that Maca is a ‘natural viagra.’ Men and women beware of this aphrodisiac!

So biggest takeaway? Try maca! I like to blend it the best, so tasty, especially with almond milk. I’ve heard people putting it in tea as well to make it seem more creamy. Maca has many benefits, try it out! I personally like to blend it with almond milk, and anything else in your fridge…for me that’s typically vanilla, chia seeds, some blue berries, spinach, and more…

Maca is magical and it’s marvelous!

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