Get your Yogi On

Happy last day of July! Geeeezzz amazing how time flies, I remember it just being February.

“Try to do everything in the world with a mind that lets go. If you let fo a little you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will know complete peach and freedom. Your struggles with the world will have come to an end.” [Achaan Chah]

Summertime is when a bunch of use get hot and lazy. I encourage you to keep moving! Jump in the ocean, go for a sunset or sunrise run, do some yoga, breathe….I’ve noticed summer often brings many changes within and with connections amongst others. Sometimes the stress of weekend events, parting, alcohol, sweet summer treats, and everything else can get to us and aggravate us internally. Check in with yourself and make sure you are giving yourself the rest and peace you deserve. I like to think of summer as an opportunity to transform and see what has happened the last 6 months that you would like to change, and what can you do in the next 6 months to change until the end of the year. Be open for what’s coming, begin to set your intentions for fall, and enjoy the best weather of the year right now, and don’t forget to find a little peace.



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