Acne, Outbreaks, Your Face, Your Health

We know the the body is set up in an intricate way where each and every part, organ, muscle, etc, connects to something else. But did you know that the face relates directly to what’s going on inside of you, especially with your internal organs? Your face can often be a roadmap of your mind, and show what’s happening with you. Certain areas of your face reveal what’s happening with your health. It’s quite remarkable. The skin is just a barrier, a way to release toxins stored in the body. Often times those toxins release out of the skin and the face. This is especially noticeable when you are detoxing, cleansing, or just came of a weekend of heavy drinking. I’m detoxing this week and cleansing and preparing for Fall. I noticed by chin has become very red compared to normal.

According to Chinese medicine, this redness on my chin is a sign that the kidneys are a little off balance. The chin is a water element and correlates with kidneys and the bladder organs, including hormones, estrogen levels, etc. Breakouts in the area could be due to hormones out of whack, irregular periods, etc. Although remedies are a little harder to come by, it’s always recommend to eat clean and help flush out whatever may be lingering. Kidneys are emotionally associated with fear. It’s always good to check in with that else the organ/issue could be root to. Since I’m eating healthy and clean this week I suspect my redness is an indicator that the kidneys are flushing out the bad stuff and saving the good stuff….give me a few more days and my skin should be radiant…..onto some heated yoga to aid….and of course hydrate


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