Mint Smoothie!

Mint Smoothie Treat!

Blend Up ~ Cacoa, Mint, Almond Milk, Dash of water or Coconut water, probiotic, Kale, & Protein Powder

Blend & enjoy!!

Mint is perfect during the Summer Heat & when you need an extra pleasurable pick me up!

It balances the digestive fire & helps to stimulate your body to nourish & release… & it fires you up!

Great Oil & herb to integrate when you need a break from the desk or computer 🙂

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Peppermint Oil

I have a confession, I carry around peppermint oil almost everywhere I go. Yup, I love the stuff. I even offer it to random people when they yawn, feel tired, have allergies, or are congested. I’ve received many strange looks, but so what, people should know about the magical powers of peppermint oil. Seriously! It has soooo many remedies:

– Peppermint helps improve digestion and stimulate internal organs. Just rub some on your belly….Peppermint tea is also very good for this.

– Have a headache? Rub some on your neck, temples, and forehead, soothing.

– Allergies, sinus, congestion, sniffles, asthma, cough, bronchitis? Use peppermint! I like to rub some on my wrist, smell it, and put some on my chest

– Feeling tired, unmotivated to workout? Sniff some peppermint for an instant boost.

– Peppermint also helps with concentration

– Place some drops of peppermint on your belly and chest to relieve travel sickness

– Peppermint is also very cooling, if you are over heated, feeling warm, overly sweating, use peppermint!

– Peppermint can help numb areas on the bodies, stimulate, and help injuries. Lay it on.

– Peppermint can be mixed with other oils to create different concoctions…

– Peppermint also taste good and can have many healing properties by ingestion and tasting. Make sure you have an edible one though (most are).

Those are just a few….so many healing properties! Try it out, test it out, see what works for you. Or laugh, because I will continue to use peppermint daily…