Lemon – Natural Happy Oil & Energizer


Help Yourself Out this Season – Use Lemon – Feel Happy & Feel Better & Alive!

Add Lemons to your water & daily routine! Lemons help detox the body and allow toxins to move through and out of your easier. Especially important around the Holidays when we are celebrating, eating more, & often indulging in not so natural or healthy eats. Because we are in the cooler months of the year, and transitioning to Winter, the body needs warmer foods and drinks to help balance. Make it your ritual to wake up in the morning & sip on some hot lemon tea, and enjoy room temperature water with lemon to help digestion, after meals, or if you need a work or afternoon pick me up 😉

The better your digestion, the more your body will release and expel holiday treats. Avoid gaining weight by taking care of yourself. It is okay to treat yourself and enjoy good company and parties. Ensure your body is performing though, eliminating, and digesting at it’s best. The holidays can also be a stressful and emotional time. Use Lemon to enhance your mood, uplift yourself, and help you feel more energized – especially if you live in a place with little/no sunshine in the Winter. I spray lemon throughout my room in the morning to help my mind & body wake up. I also use it when I need to concentrate or get work done. Lemon will help you get through the dark months of Winter. Add it to your ‘medicine’ cabinet & shopping list! I also use the oil below in my water, and carry it in my purse. Great supplement when you don’t have organic lemons or are traveling/ on the go.

Why Lemon??

Lemon helps to purify our senses, our body, & flush out toxins that we naturally accumulate through eating, breathing, etc.

  • Improves digestion, congestion, constipation, & prevents overeating
  • Lemon is a natural uplifter helps cure depression (great for the darker days when there is less sunshine)
  • The scent of lemon helps you relax, destress, & feel more clear and at ease –> Spray it at your desk while working!
  • Improves concentration & alerts your brain to wake up! (Great coffee replacement, especially mid day)
  • Lemon gives you more energy, & helps anxiety
  • Lemon helps cures hangovers!
  • Lemon works your internal organs and purifies: intestinal parasites, lymphatic system, skin, tonsils,
  • Helps cure fevers & flu symptoms
  • Balances digestive, immune, & respiratory system
  • When smelt, aromatic properties: health, physical energy, purification, warming
  • Brings you Joy & helps you feel Happy!

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“Another favorite, this essential oil powerhouse is cold-pressed from lemon rinds to preserve its delicate nature and potent properties. Lemon is known as a powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to complement many other oils. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift mood. It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaning booster. For aromatic, topical or dietary use.” [DoTerra Website]

Lemon Face: Lemon has helped combat food poising, malaria, and typhoid epidemics. Lemons cure liver problems, help lower blood pressure, arthritis, and help muscles pains

Sugaring ~ The All Natural Alternative to Waxing

I need to tell all you ladies out there about Sugaring…well Men too if have a lot of hair or do waxing. Sugaring is an all natural way to remove hair! My friend who lives in San Francisco just told me about it and swears by it. I have not heard about it before that, but apparently it has been around for thousands of years, since the Ancient Egyptians, and is popular in other cultures including: South East, African, Middle East, etc. I’m not surprised, they seem to have all sorts of all natural tricks compared to Western society. Summer is here, bathing suit season has begun, and what’s worse than feeling hairy or having razor burn while in your bikini or at the beach? You want to feel sexy and alive and hot….well ladies, it’s time to invest in stripping your hair off with sugaring–works on any part of the body!

Sugaring is basically the same concept of waxing. You lay the substance down on the skin, and rip it off. The difference is the ingredients in the ‘wax’ are all natural and non allergenic. Seriously! The sugar paste is made of water, lemon juice, and pure sugar cane. You can even eat it because it has no processed substances or fillers. Wouldn’t you rather have that on your body than wax that is made of questionable shit (Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, Aqua, Citric Acid, Modified Colophonium, Solanum Tuberosum, Parfum). I don’t want weird chemicals on my skin!

With sugaring you don’t use strips, the esthetician uses a ball of the sugar paste that’s about room temperature and gently places it on the area to be waxed. The hair is then removed from the root, like in regular waxing, however, it only pulls of dead skin cells, not all skin cells. The hair is pulled in the natural direction of hair growth too. The paste is then disposed off. It’s a super quick process, and there is no issue about the wax being too hot, or you being really sticky after (since sugar is soluble and dissolves with water). The sugar paste easily wipes off the body, if necessary, and you are left hair free, ready to enjoy your day. No mess, rash, bumps, reaction, redness, etc. The one down side– it still hurts. I would say it probably hurts a little less, or about the same as a waxing procedure. Hard for me to judge since I have not been waxing frequently. That will probably change though now that I’ve learned about sugaring!

The other plus about sugaring is that it’s pretty cheap. The place I found does Brazilians for $40 (and it takes about 20 mins only), Brazilians and brows for $50, lips for $10, etc. I just experimented and went in for sugaring last week. So I dont know the exact stats on how long the hair removal lasts. Like anything, it depends on your body. It is rumored that sugaring lasts longer though, and most people come in every 4-5 weeks.

To sum up ~ SUGARING ~ lasts just as long or longer than waxing, uses all natural ingredients, okay for your body and skin, leaves no mess and wipes off easily, less reaction and redness, great for sensitive skin, it’s affordable and cheaper than waxing, it’s quick, it’s safe, removes hair in same direction of growth while only removing dead skin cells….

If you wax, if you’re curious, if you would like your hair gone for longer periods of time so you dont need to shave, I recommend sugaring. I think I’m going to be hooked….