Stay Slim & Jolly with the Holiday Season Cheer

  • Hydrate your body first thing in the morning – chug. H2O is the best resource to reset metabolism, flush toxins, & cure headaches [from perhaps too much bubbly].
  • Add lemons to water & beverages. Enjoy hot lemon tea in the morning to clear your digestive track
  • Minimize your water intake while eating meals, this can affect how your body absorbs food
  • Drink your water or sparkling water in your wine glass – your head will thank you.
  • Avoid snacking. Once you start it is often harder to stop, so don’t start at all 😉 Save your appetite for the real meal. Your body does not need those extra loose calories (have water or tea instead)
  • Check in with yourself. Most weight gain is due to emotional eating/drinking. Be conscious when you are reaching for that extra helping or desert. Triggers often cause us to drink more, pay attention less, & eat our way through what is really going on.
  • Watch your digestion, how your body is eliminating. All the processed foods & sugar can cause our body freak out. Make sure your food is being digested & moving through you easily.
  • Consider a Juice cleanse (see below)/ Day off eating: Fasting/ light eating helps your body rest & process the junk we put into it.
  • Keep your body & breathe moving. Sweat! Balance the coldness with more heat. Take a walk after a meal, run, practice yoga, etc