What if….. you fill in the blank……

When was the last time you imagined a new possibility or a new opportunity to surface so you could grow? I feel as if many get stuck and rooted in what we know to be true, that we forget to develop something better. Why do we hang on? And if we are hanging on, what is it in us that compels us to stay in us? Change is something i never understood. Good? Bad? is it inevitable is it a sign? I have no fucking clue 😉 As much as many of us do change, what keeps us with and in touch with those old friends and people that touched us? And if we separate. what caused that to happen?

I’ve personally lost touch with many fine individuals of my past. It was not purposeful, it was not out of hate, it simply happened. I truly do hope I can resurrect friendships from the past, touch bas,e and learn what they are doing. But if its not mean to be, why bother? To me, it is such an interesting subject. When it comes to relationships and life… what do we keep and what is worth holding onto and staying in contact with?

The basis of myself is to love others, enjoy company of good people, and cherish friendships that help you. To me, it’s that simple. When people part ways and leave you behind, what is meant to be interpreted? Well, you let them go on their way, and personally, I hope they remember me 😉 Life is funny in that we are taught when we are young that friends are meant to be forever and life as it happens, you keep those connections alive. I dont think thats real. You grow, you change, and if the connection is mutual on both ends, it remains… if it’s not special to a certain side, then it’s released, sadly. That person that was once your bestie, may be better off now. Thats fine. Perhaps you never speak to them again. God, are we really so inhuman that we can detach that easily? It’s a lesson I’m still striving to learn.

To everyone I’ve met, the friends I’ve had, or anyone who has crossed my personal path. I thank you. I always do, it’s in my nature. Wherever you have gone, or been, I hope you know I still love you and I deeply thank you 🙂

Choose Love.

unconditionalloveAmericans are funny, in that most consider Christmas & the holiday season to be based around Santa, getting, giving, and presents or parties. While that is a nice thing to celebrate at the end of the year, December is really about reflecting and allowing yourself to slow down, wind down, and pave a new way for the Winter season & upcoming new year. December, to be, is a celebration of Love, of light, and a peaceful ending to whatever has been.

The holidays stress us all out and create disharmony. That’s normal. Choose love this year. If you are single, without your family, or busy working during the season, reconnect to your faith and cherish yourself for who you have become. This is the season of Love and when it is important to also do a cheers for you, what you have accomplished, and who you have become. It’s not about being accepted, having the decorations, or even having a partner to kiss under the mistletoe… those all come in time.

The end of the year is a deep period of transition. Your body is probably feeling it, perhaps you are even feeling the urge to stay in, be within yourself, or seek out some quiet time. That’s because Winter is coming and it’s the season to hibernate and relax. Choose you this Christmas, and choose Love. Everyone is having moments, emotions, frustrations, sadness, and what I call ‘episodes’. Let them be, let it be. Come back to your love, your heart, and fill yourself with gratitude for wherever you are at. Be happy for what you DO have. Be grateful for friends you have met this year, people who have helped you, old friendships, and be good around your family. 

Choose love in everyone who crosses your path, with whatever the Universe yields you, and whoever comes your way. There will be much expected surprises the next two weeks. Choose love always.

When you love yourself, you know yourself, and you know your intention, who you are, and what you stand for. People can think otherwise, as they choose. I’ve let go of people, I’ve had friends move away, and in this year, I celebrate ME this December. I’ve learned that the world will never be perfect. It’s human nature to serve your ego, until you do the work to stop it. Even Yogis, claiming to be all Zen have their moments, and just because they ‘teach’ does not always mean they care or are consciously connected to the light in the heart always. We all fall out of balance and alignment, it’s part of being human. We all forget that Love is always the answer. Come back to your heart this Christmas/Holiday, and serve you. Share love with others, remind them, and help people remember Love is all we all are looking for. End this year well, with love. Say sorry to those you hurt, make up with people who have parted, acknowledge souls that have brought kindness to your life, and do something fun for You. Remember your greatness, share a smile, and do something nice for a special friend. Love is all you need ❤

Stay Slim & Jolly with the Holiday Season Cheer

  • Hydrate your body first thing in the morning – chug. H2O is the best resource to reset metabolism, flush toxins, & cure headaches [from perhaps too much bubbly].
  • Add lemons to water & beverages. Enjoy hot lemon tea in the morning to clear your digestive track
  • Minimize your water intake while eating meals, this can affect how your body absorbs food
  • Drink your water or sparkling water in your wine glass – your head will thank you.
  • Avoid snacking. Once you start it is often harder to stop, so don’t start at all 😉 Save your appetite for the real meal. Your body does not need those extra loose calories (have water or tea instead)
  • Check in with yourself. Most weight gain is due to emotional eating/drinking. Be conscious when you are reaching for that extra helping or desert. Triggers often cause us to drink more, pay attention less, & eat our way through what is really going on.
  • Watch your digestion, how your body is eliminating. All the processed foods & sugar can cause our body freak out. Make sure your food is being digested & moving through you easily.
  • Consider a Juice cleanse (see below)/ Day off eating: Fasting/ light eating helps your body rest & process the junk we put into it.
  • Keep your body & breathe moving. Sweat! Balance the coldness with more heat. Take a walk after a meal, run, practice yoga, etc


Being Non-Reactive

 peaceBe the Bright Light this Holiday Season that Stays Calm & Collected.

I took a special Yoga class last week with on of my best mentors & most inspiring people ever (thanks Chelsea!) and she spoke about being non-reactive. She shared a story and talked about how important it is to detach from other peoples crazy emotional outbreaks in order to remain more calm when any given situation occurs. That theme stuck with me throughout her classes and unique transitions, and as I did my best to keep my breath moving even with the challenges and holds. It continued throughout my day and to my surprise I was well aware at how reactive I get. At this point in my life I consider myself a pretty peaceful person. I have Yoga to thank and life experience which has taught to me to relax, slow down, and accept the beauty of living in the present moment. It’s amazing how much energy I unconsciously give up throughout my day. For example, when I was driving home I got put in some traffic at about 230pm in the afternoon. I immediately reacted (to myself in the car) and got annoyed, etc. My teachers voice popped into my head and I had to remember to embrace the moment because I can’t change the traffic. Instead of reacting and getting myself into an angry, frustrated, WTF is wrong with San Diego type of mood, I needed to settle. I put on some good music and began to embrace the moment of slowness, recognizing a little bit of traffic was not going to fully ruin the moment or the rest of my day, and that it would be totally useless to emotionally get aggravated for that short period.


The holidays are here. Yay! And Nay! For some of us, deepending on our family dynamic and more. As we are around family, friends, people we like and people we prefer to never see again, it is important to stand your ground and stay in a place of peace and acceptance. When you become reactive you give your energy away. You will notice when you are around a lot of angry people they often take your good energy from you and then your become angry as well. Or if something happens, and for example, you sister gets really upset about it and starts to cry and get emotional, that often will trigger others to adapt some form of emotion too. This may be grief shown with sympathy, maybe anger thinking your sister is stupid for crying, etc. Emotions are powerful things! You do not need to pick up any extra emotional baggage or wounds form others this time of year. Family can bring out the best and worst of us all. It’s important to lay your ground and stay present and peaceful with whatever stuff happens. That way you can enjoy the season, even with the business and family drama 😉 peace

Tips to stay Non-Reactive at Holiday Time:

– Take deep centering breathes

When things happen, someone gets upset, etc, come back to you. Close your eyes, take some breathes, recenter yourself so other people’s shit is not causing you to react or attrain to the emotion they are experiencing. You will get triggered, relax, breathe, then speak and more forward as you need

Get outside! Take Walks, get into Nature, get away from the House

Lots of people is lots of energy. Add in parties, stress of cooking, decorating, entertaining, etc – it is a lot to handle. Take a walk when you feel overwhelmed, get away from the group/family, soak up some sun, snow, & let nature help calm you. You will be surprised at how liberating it can be!

– Keep a positive story in your head about You

Family triggers us all in different ways. You can love your family and not be best buddies with them. I am the outcast of my family and frequently laugh at how out of place I fit into the group (especially with my green drinks). Keep yourself happy and entertained by remembering who you are, what you stand for, and the good qualities you have. You family may not agree, or support, & that’s okay. You can have other reasons to love them or at lease show presence in the season.

– Smile

When things happen smile. If someone acts out of place, says something mean, tells you something that does not suit you, SMILE. Compassion is the best gift everyone can give. To me, a smile is a way to bring neutrality to any situation, give lightness, and a sense of warmth.

– Practice thinking, feeling, then speaking

We all act different around family. Often our walls are down, we treat our family different than we would treat a stranger, coworker, etc. Everyone is accountable when they are reactive. When you know that person is going to piss you off this holiday season or make you feel bad – practice pausing. Let things digest, let yourself process them, then decide if its something worth getting emotionally triggered by. Often when you pause you can notice it’s never about you, always about the other person and their shit. Thus, when that brother you don’t vibe well with says something that usually you want to lash back at, maybe this year you can be more peaceful, calm, collected, and smile and not respond or give a mere ‘thanks’ and let the words wash away…

Do the most you can to exercise, move you body, and venture away from the people so you can stay calm & collected. I listen to music often, grab my headphones, or find an empty room, lock it, and enjoy the stillness for a few moments.



Lemon – Natural Happy Oil & Energizer


Help Yourself Out this Season – Use Lemon – Feel Happy & Feel Better & Alive!

Add Lemons to your water & daily routine! Lemons help detox the body and allow toxins to move through and out of your easier. Especially important around the Holidays when we are celebrating, eating more, & often indulging in not so natural or healthy eats. Because we are in the cooler months of the year, and transitioning to Winter, the body needs warmer foods and drinks to help balance. Make it your ritual to wake up in the morning & sip on some hot lemon tea, and enjoy room temperature water with lemon to help digestion, after meals, or if you need a work or afternoon pick me up 😉

The better your digestion, the more your body will release and expel holiday treats. Avoid gaining weight by taking care of yourself. It is okay to treat yourself and enjoy good company and parties. Ensure your body is performing though, eliminating, and digesting at it’s best. The holidays can also be a stressful and emotional time. Use Lemon to enhance your mood, uplift yourself, and help you feel more energized – especially if you live in a place with little/no sunshine in the Winter. I spray lemon throughout my room in the morning to help my mind & body wake up. I also use it when I need to concentrate or get work done. Lemon will help you get through the dark months of Winter. Add it to your ‘medicine’ cabinet & shopping list! I also use the oil below in my water, and carry it in my purse. Great supplement when you don’t have organic lemons or are traveling/ on the go.

Why Lemon??

Lemon helps to purify our senses, our body, & flush out toxins that we naturally accumulate through eating, breathing, etc.

  • Improves digestion, congestion, constipation, & prevents overeating
  • Lemon is a natural uplifter helps cure depression (great for the darker days when there is less sunshine)
  • The scent of lemon helps you relax, destress, & feel more clear and at ease –> Spray it at your desk while working!
  • Improves concentration & alerts your brain to wake up! (Great coffee replacement, especially mid day)
  • Lemon gives you more energy, & helps anxiety
  • Lemon helps cures hangovers!
  • Lemon works your internal organs and purifies: intestinal parasites, lymphatic system, skin, tonsils,
  • Helps cure fevers & flu symptoms
  • Balances digestive, immune, & respiratory system
  • When smelt, aromatic properties: health, physical energy, purification, warming
  • Brings you Joy & helps you feel Happy!

Buy Organic High Quality Lemon Oils at discounted rates

“Another favorite, this essential oil powerhouse is cold-pressed from lemon rinds to preserve its delicate nature and potent properties. Lemon is known as a powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to complement many other oils. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift mood. It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaning booster. For aromatic, topical or dietary use.” [DoTerra Website]

Lemon Face: Lemon has helped combat food poising, malaria, and typhoid epidemics. Lemons cure liver problems, help lower blood pressure, arthritis, and help muscles pains

Slow Down & Smell the Roses

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Or check out the view? Or even paused to look someone in the eye when you are speaking to them?


The ‘norm’ for society is to rush, be busy, get shit done, and go go go. The body needs rest and relaxation and when we are ‘too busy’ or always on the move, it is not able to fully heal. We are in the slower energy of the year, however, it is also some of the busiest moments because of all the holiday celebrations. Set the intention to slow down in these final few weeks of the year. Give yourself a day of rest and relaxation. Quite thinking about what workout you will do, making it to the gym, or the physical aspect of life. Instead, enjoy yourself and pamper yourself with ease. Perhaps a pedicure, bubble bath, or walk at sunset at the ocean.

By teaching ourselves to slow down we naturally allow more ease into our body, which eventually creates more ease in every day. Most people don’t know how to relax. The idea of laying down, closing your eyes, and deep breathing is foreign and challenging. When I teach yoga i often see people who come only for the moving parts of class and then wander out, skipping the most important part: corpse pose/ svasana – where you lay out on the floor ‘dead’ and take a few minutes to do absolutely nothing. I’m telling you it is okay to peaceful, rest, and do nothing. Most of us need to train our bodies in how to do that though. Take some time each day to lay down and relax. Set a timer for 10 minutes. You’re not sleeping, you’re only letting your body pause, focus on your breathe, maybe even day dream in your minds eye. See what happens, notice how you feel, & how much more clear you are. This will help train your mind & body to relax so you are not as stressed throughout your day/life. Stress is the biggest factor that causes disease in the body and makes us all out of balance, a bit crazy over time.

Nature is in hibernation mode for the next few months. Enjoy it. It’s an excuse to put your feet up, not make it to the gym, & enjoy a good book by the fire. The final two months of the year transition us into the next year. If you are holding on to things, people, or upsetments from the past, it is in this time you need to heal. The Universe is asking us to pause, retreat from the outside word, and go inward. This means refining our connection to selves, who we are, what we want, & who we have become this year. Do you have loose ends to tie up? Is there someone you need to have a conversation with? Who can you thank for helping you out? What else has 2014 brought you? Self reflection is mandatory. It is the season to be alone, quiet in your mind/ thoughts/ feelings, and letting yourself unload your year, make a few more changes, and reconsider what you need to do for yourself to have a fresh start in the new year. The colder weather/storms ask us to take care of our body, find balance, warm ourselves, and be mindful with what is happening within.

Stop and smell the roses. Buy yourself a bouquet. Enjoy the sunset. Get into nature. Take a walk after your meal. Stroll a park. Watch children play. Hang out with your pets. Cook nurturing in season foods. Make a soup. Sip on some Coco and tea. Journal. Read. Rest. Breathe. Stop trying & start living. Enjoy the quietness, the slower energy, and listen your needs and how your body speaks to you. Get into yoga. Try a heated class. Do something different than you were doing yesterday.

Look for the beauty. See it in yourself, see it in others. See natures gifts in every day, enjoy it & stay at ease & peace during the Ho Ho Ho Holidays.





DEVOTION: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

This word has been circulating throughout my day, in my thoughts, & in my head for the past few days. Devotion. What is devotion, & how is it different than desire? To be devoted is to be fully committed to you, yourself, and only what is true for you.

We think devotion is sticking to our routine, working out, eating right, & taking time to ‘work out’. No Devotion is a higher state of being. It goes beyond listening to mainstream society or doing as your do daily. Real devotion is a quality of the heart. It’s by your own inner guidance that you can transcend and choose what and who to be devoted to.

Desire is a dream, its an urge, a pulse, something that sounds, feels, and seems good. Devotion is your ability to stay committed – not to that dream that you think you desire, but to what you desire for yourself. See the difference? Devotion is full commitment to live your life as the person you ‘think’ you desire to be, and to authentically show up, even when the world may deem otherwise. We all have desire, & we think we know what we want, & we choose to create dreams & get set on what will happen. When you embrace Devotion – you know yourself is true. You do not need the desire, you can shed your limitation in thinking that is the way it will be, and you can instead live committed to You. Meaning, if you call yourself a yoga teacher, you live in light & love & treat others well & invoke Yogic principles. You don’t get on your mat, do some poses & breathing, then drive away flicking people off or cursing. You live your life devoted to your practice. Desire is the yoga teacher who thinks they need the ‘numbers’ the ‘physical’ challenge, or the ‘mask’ to perform in a space that is purely guided by your own desire, forgetting about the other in the room & what is best for them & others.

Devotion is the act of living from an authentic place that honors who you are. When you are able to remain completely devoted tSrimad-Bhagavatam-on-Having-Unflinching-Devotion-for-The-Supreme-Personality-of-Godheado yourself, you allow things to happen, and you yield yourself to the Universe and step forward into the unknown. Desire is the catalyst to devotion. We all have wishes, intentions, dreams, etc. Desire often catches the ego – when we stop being devoted. As you evolve you change, and with that, your desires change too.

Often we place our desire with ego attachment. For example, I’m doing this to make this amount of money, or I’m not helping you because I won’t get any money. Our ego overrides our desire. If you desire is more money, you need to be devoted to allowing more money. That may mean helping someone else achieve abundance themselves, or honoring someone else needing help. Our head overrides our heart all the time, or we let other people’s thoughts/egos tell us what to do, how to think, how to behave. People can help you, if they are living fully in truth and from a conscious place of connection. The others living from their own desire, without devotion to the whole, will tell you what you need to do to serve them. Thus, you help them achieve their desire, and disconnect from your own desire.


As we end this crazy year of 2014, I ask you to consider how devoted you have been to Yourself. What dreams to do wish to manifest this year? What have you achieved? And what more do you wish to accomplish before this years end?

images       Human nature gets busy, we forget, we get distracted, and we forget about what we committed for ourselves and our own well being. Desire is always there, and every day we are making choices to fill our desires. However, devotion is how desire is granted. Being devoted to your dreams, your wishes, your goals, is being able to truly root down and say ‘Yes’ to all you want to accomplish. In every moment, in every waking day, you set yourself up to achieve. That meaning, you show up from a place of love. You accept people when they tell you what they think you need to do, but you always check back in with you to see if that truly fits You.


If our desire is bigger than our devotion we will never achieve what our soul truly is asking us. You have desires, you manifest and create with devotion. To you, yourself, who you are, and who you wish to be. In the process, leaving fear behind, perhaps other people, and stay completely devoted to your desires.

When you are devoted you trust the process & surrender, stay aligned to what you heart desires and let your wishes fuel you forward in love & with joy. Let the journey continue, & stay devoted when you walk your unique path.